PILW.IO StorageVault- Object Storage with the Best Price and a Lot of Free Traffic

  • 0.025 €
    Per GB Per Month
    Competitive Pricing
  • 15 TB
    Per Month
    Free Outbound Transfer*
  • Infinite
    Free Inbound Transfer
  • High
    Strict Security with PCI-DSS
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* Free outbound traffic includes maximum of 15TB of data. After that custom price is negotiated.

Popular Use Cases for Object Storage

Photo and Video Archiving

Store your photo archives, security camera videos, scanned documents and many more!

Sharing Large Files

Share large files with third parties such as advertising agencies, printing houses, architects and 3D modellers easily.

Store Backups

Store your important data from complete system backups to databases.

Cheaper, Faster, User Friendly Object Storage

Transparent and Cheaper Pricing

Create your object storage and start using it only for 0,025€ per a GB per a month! Avoid complex pricing plans of global S3 providers and don’t receive surprise bills at the end of each month. Pay only for what you actually use with PILW.IO.

Free Data Upload

Upload your data files, video content, images or large system backups without any additional fees.

15 TB Free Outbound Traffic

Download your data up to 15 TB per a month for free. Get rid of data transfer fees that you can not predict. Confidently store your pictures, files, videos without worrying about data transfer fees.

All Hands Customer Support

You can contact the PILW.IO customer service that is based in Tallinn via phone directly or contact us with an email within a fast response time. Don’t wait on the line to talk to a customer service when you have a question or need technical help.

Data Privacy

The privacy of your data is our priority. We do not read our customers data to respect their privacy and don’t share with any third party organisations.

Faster Connectivity

Do you know where is your data stored with global providers? With PILW.IO S3 your data is stored within the borders of the European Union, in our data centres in Estonia. Have a faster connectivity with our strategic location.